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Welcome to the world of blingsense and discover our fashion handcrafted jewelry through the eyes of fashion press and fashion influencers around the globe

If you are a member of the fashion press or a fashion influencer, and you wish to join the world of blingsense, and work with us, find out more about who we are, download our press kit, and send us an email at

British Vogue (April 2017)

Vogue | blingsense

blingsense creates fashion handcrafted jewellery for modern women who seek unique and exceptional pieces.

All jewellery collections are designed as an expressive form of art, to be worn as an extension of each woman’s personality.

blingsense uses silver, combined with other precious metals and stones.

Selected Collection: Amorphous Geometry

Selected Pieces of Jewelry: Geomorphic bracelet


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JewelStreet for blingsense | blingsense

The amazing work and truly beautiful craftsmanship of modern Greek jewellery makers is simply stunning. And this is what blingsense is about.

Spontaneous social sharing of their own pictures wearing our jewellery really makes our day.

This will always be a journey despite the level of commercial success we achieve. We always strive to learn and improve. To create.


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Nansoumou for blingsense | blingsense

On Mondays, I have limited time to dress up and head to work, that’s why I choose to wear an easy and comfortable outfit that is chic &stylish!

I always accompany my look with unique jewelry, as to upgrade the minimal look, without overdoing it.

The specific pair of matching bracelet and ring, are from the jewelry designer Eleni Fragopoulou and I absolutely love them, as they give this extra touch and can follow me day to night!!

Selected Collection: Solar System

Selected Pieces of Jewelry: Spiral Galaxy Light bracelet | Earth & Moon Light ring

Drums of Fashion

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Drumsoffashion for blingsense | blingsense

Lavinia, of Drums of Fashion paired the new collection of Kenzo x HM with our Swing earrings and the Sol ring from Solbuer collection.

Selected Collection: Solbuer

Selected Pieces of Jewelry: Sol ring | Swing earrings

Art for Fashion

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Artforfashion for blingsense | blingsense

It’s a fact! Jewelry can add the final touch to a look, that’s why it’s better if you choose them wisely! Not only have to colour match our outfit, but also enhance the attitude of the clothes.

I’ve recently discovered blingsense, a website that showcases collections of fresh jewelry designers, for women that are n search of unique jewelry for stunning appearances.

I chose from the Daily Dots collection by Crystal Pleasures, a par of handcrafted earrings with Swarovski crystals in mint and white tones, as well as a rounded ring from the same collection.

Their colors and their sparkle, are taking me to the ocean..while their style, is a perfectly match to the 60s outfit I’m wearing!

Selected Collection: Daily Dots

Selected Pieces of Jewelry: Playful Drops earrings | Ocean Riptide ring

Glaring Waves

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Glaring Waves for blingsense | blingsense

blingsense is luxurious online shop of jewelry. Design of the website is wonderful, striking and really practical. Collections of earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets are vintage, chic and attractive. blingsense always tracks trends, update new pieces and tries to make your outfit stylish and more beautiful from top to bottom.

Choose earrings and tie up your hair or maybe rings to combine them with fall sweater of velvet trend. Find what you need.

Just as a I found this black rhodium ring Earth&Moon. I don't take it off already. Amazing piece. And it's black! Come on, it goes with everything, almost. I have combined it this time with crochet skirt, blouse of bright color and with a pair of black pumps and mini black bag. Jewelry is handmade by Eleni Fragopoulou and the shipping package is protected with solar system! Awesome, right?

Selected Collection: Solar System

Selected Pieces of Jewelry: Earth & Moon Dark ring


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Fashionell for blingsense | blingsense

Details alert! All of us have a weakness for sparkling accessories. As most of you know I don’t use to wear sparkling jewelry but this crystal pleasure necklace and bracelet by the blingsense became my favorite! And soon they can be yours too!

Selected Collection: Sand Sparkles

Selected Pieces of Jewelry: Sparkling Light Gold necklace | Sand Ripples bracelet


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Vesna for blingsense | blingsense

blingsense is a luxurious e-shop for jewelry. I chose, this perfect asymmetrical ring, Artemis, handcrafted by the Greek designer Elena Fragopoulou. The shipping package is protected with solar system! The design of the website is wonderful, striking and really practical! Collections of earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets, that are vintage, chic and attractive... blingsense is up-to-date with current trends to make your outfit stylish and beautiful, top-to-bottom. I've combined it with a red skirt, navy blouse and a mini bag.

Selected Collection: Greek Allure

Selected Pieces of Jewelry: Artemis ring

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