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blingsense is an online jewelry destination with selected pieces of jewelry created by new designers for modern women who seek unique and exceptional pieces. All the collections combine aesthetics and high quality materials and are exclusively designed for blingsense as an expressive form of art. Our purpose is to showcase the designed pieces as wearable art that can elevate bodily ornamentation.
our vision
Our vision is to become the most visited online platform where new and promising designers and artists find a place to express themselves and display their artwork, as well as the most popular online destination for women who acknowledge the art of jewelry and constantly seek for unique creations that will accompany them the entire day.
our values
High aesthetics, quality, commitment and uniqueness are our core values. Limited collections and unique designs, bearing their own distinctive character and their own personality, quality materials and creative imagination are the main prerequisites and principles of cooperation with the designers. Furthermore, quality personalized service and customer satisfaction are among our primary objectives, which is clearly reflected in the design of our services.
our audience
Modern women with a powerful character, their very own personal style and a vibrant social life. Women who pay attention to their appearance and know how to make a difference, by choosing each time the ideal piece of jewelry and by wearing it as an extension of their personality. Men who understand and recognize the importance, value and role of jewelry in the appearance of a woman. Jewelry designers and artists with passion for their art, knowledge of the field and an aim to establish their own vision, offering impressive creations.
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Our designers have been carefully selected to create unique and exclusive jewelry collections for blingsense. Learn more here.
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Welcome to the world of blingsense and discover our fashion handcrafted jewelry collections through the eyes of fashion press and fashion influencers around the globe. Learn more here.
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We offer several convenient and safe payment methods. Take also advantage of our free shipping worldwide that includes express door-to-door delivery and make it yours. Our jewelry is covered by a quality guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to us.
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Visit here, to find the blingsense jewelry online at other marvellous e-shops.
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Visit blingtalks, our blog featuring global fashion & jewelry trends, covers events and fairs and gives a deeper insight on material reviews.
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We work together with fashion press, fashion influencers, as well as affiliates. If you are a member of the fashion press or a fashion influencer, learn more here. If you wish to become our affiliate, learn more here. Feel free to download our press kit here.
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