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Posted on 15 July 2016


Too much of a good thing can be wonderful_blingsense

"Every woman knows the power of jewelry, the only thing to keep in mind is don’t neglect to use it!"

Jewelry symbolises birth, sex, marriage, covenant, wealth, mourning, martial success, so forth and so on. It is a need to have the most beautiful, awe-inspiring things and employ them as language, so as to define our nature, our stature. And whatever the design of the piece is; simple gold pendants, handmade earrings, or silver rings, women will be attracted to these decorative pieces more than the gentlemen..

Psychological studies may support the fact that many of us are generally drawn to shiny, sparkly and colourful things. But do we even need science to explain the reason behind? Deep inside, we all know why…

Jewelry is..

Jewellery is fashionable | blingsense

Every fashion-forward woman knows that nothing can add the finishing touch as fashion jewelry. It is the easiest way to transform the outfit from day to night, from casual to glamorous. It is the perfect element to take you from day to night, no matter how busy your lifestyle is. 

Jewellery is fpretty| blingsense

Women are more stylish and conscious than men when it comes to looking fashionable and presentable. Yes, we do so much care about our appearances, and the current fashion trends! But what is it about jewelry specifically? Sometimes, we just need something more than a fashionable accessory; we want something that is aesthetically pleasing..


Jewellery is sexy | blingsense

Psychology has long cited the role of jewelry in the dating-and-mating world. Absented of anything like the natural splendor of a peacock, a bird whose feathers are jewels themselves, the need for sparkly, colorful, splendid stones and metals is a must for humans. Earrings draw attention to ear-lobes, pedants to the bosom. Thus, jewelry persuasively says and implies things that would be impolite or crass to communicate with words..

Jewellery is symbolic | blingsense

Don’t we all keep the gifts we receive? Every piece of jewelry we own carries a sentimental value, regardless its price, especially when these represent significant moments in their lives.. Hearts and diamonds are used to be the everlasting symbols of love, as per any kind of personalised jewelry. Can a ring be a symbol of how the person feels about us? It will become perfect present from lover to lover, from mother to daughter, from sister to sister, even from friend to friend as a symbol of super strong friendship and confidence in one another. 
"For me jewelry is a way of keeping memories alive"

Jewellery is investment | blingsense

How many pairs of earrings do you own that you only wore once? We tend to collect jewelry pieces, even if they only for a special occasion, just because we simply know that fine jewelry last forever. They will be passed on to our daughters when the time comes. Spare no expense and treat yourself!  You won't regret it..

Jewellery is accessory | blingsense

Jewelry has been worn to pull together a look and an outfit and finish a look. Indeed, stylish women everywhere feel naked when not wearing them! If you want totally change your look it should be definitely with a statement necklace. A fashionista who prefers ladylike romantic style can make her casual pastel dress looks splendid just by wearing some swarovski crystals in pastel colors, while even a dull sweater will be transformed into glamorous outfit with a beautiful sparkly necklace or a pendant. Remember the harmony between your clothes and accessories is the main formula of success.

"Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear"

Jewellery is status | blingsense

As our social life on and offline has heightened our awareness of our public profile, our image and the lifestyle we live. In the era that an image says 1000 words, the physiological needs, make women seeking out handcrafted jewelry as a sign of wealth and status.

To become and individual we must stand out from the herd.. Jewels are the perfect accessory to show your style and unique personality. The rarer the jewel we possess, the more unique we are. Weather you are bold or shy, rock or romantic; jewelry fit personally you. Make your choice and identify with it! And as such you’ll have the reinforcement of esteem, of ego.

"Wearing jewelry is a way to express the woman you are..without saying a word."

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