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Posted on 02 June 2017

How to wear jewelry in Athens | blingsense





Following our fashion advice on 'How to wear jewelry' in multiple occasions, we'd like to give our advise on what to wear and how to wear jewelry in various cities of the world.. Because of our Greek origin, we'll start with Athens as our first destination!


'Athens is very diverse, you can dress casually during the day and be smart during the evening..'

The style in Athens is casual yet elegant.. Choose jewelries that can take you from day to night and you are covered!



    The roads of Athens are often paddled and stony.. so comfy sandals are a must!
    Dress casually with a pair of jeans or shorts and a shirt, along with a pair of dangling long earrings..

    'Gold is the ultimate colour for an absolut greek look'

    Discover jewelry in gold plated silver in our 'Solbuer' and 'Greek Allure' jewelry collections, inspired by the beauty and history of Greece!

      How to wear jewelry in Athens | blingsense 

      Earrings: Swing



      In Athens, an afternoon coffee around the Plaka area, can easily lead to early drinks in Monastiraki..
      Adopt a look that can work for any occasion..


      'Mid-heel sandals and a shirt dress look lovely with a elegant sparkly jewelry..'


      Discover Swarovski crystals in the tones of the gold sand in our 'Sand Crystals' jewelry collection..


      How to wear jewelry in Athens |  blingsense 

      Bracelet: Sand Ripples



      Athens has a vibrant and diverse nightlife..
      You can dress casually or uber glam, depending on where you're going..

      'Choose silver and dark jewelry and accessories to enhance a sexy little black dress...' 


      As the days are hot in Athens, pick a pair of earrings and a bracelet to accessorise your uncovered arms.. Discover them in our 'Skyline' or 'Solar System' fashion jewelry collections.


       How to wear jewelry in Athens | blingsense

      Earrings: Skyscraper's Edge
      Bracelet: New York Skyscape




       If you are planning to go to the beach during your visit in Athens, you may yourself shipping cocktails by the seaside. So be prepared!!!

      '99% of swimwear find their perfect match with gold jewelry..'


      We don't want to go over the top with jewelry at the beach.. Read our post on 'How to wear jewelry at the beach' for further inspo.. Pick a pendant, like our Sol pendant from the Solbuer colllection, that draw attention to your chest and can be worn with a caftan dress for a cocktail by the sunset..





      Pendant: The Sol pendant

      Athens Packing List


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