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Posted on 31 March 2017




'There is an incredibly chic way to pull the perfect combo 
of make-up and jewelry off!'

In fact, picking the right jewelry for your favourite make-up style, adds an instant cool factor. Whether you have a big day at the office or are planning a hot look for date night, the below pairings of old-time classic make-up looks with blingsense jewelry, add just the right note...

Of course hairstyles play a vital role why don't you check out our post on
How to match jewelry with your hairstyle for further inspo?





Taking as an example Emma Watson, that always rock the smokey-eye look, both on red carpet and on day-to-day looks. Sometimes the classic smoky eyes with grey and black shadows, sometimes brown and bronze, or the latest trend that adds a hint of color; always perfectly smudged, looks cooler with the right choice of jewelry!

'When you mix brown and bronze eye shadows, the perfect choice of jewelry are sparkly crystals in earthy tones..'

If you go down the brown and bronze way.. sparkly earrings and a matching necklace in smoked topaz or golden shadow can elevate the look! We love Emma's latest appearance on the red carpet and her dangling earrings that match the shades on her eyes...
Get the look with our Sand Sparkles collection, that  you can find exclusively at blingsense!


Earrings: Sand Spheres





Did Marilyn Monroe, Hedy Lamarr, and Rita Hayworth got it wrong? Of course not! Pair a negative cat eye and red lip combo with a set of earrings that are attention grabbers..

'Pull your hair up to let your face and your earrings to shine up your face..'


To balance the modern graphic eyeliner and bright coral lip nicely, go for silver jewelry that give a touch of minimal elegance and add a splash of colour with semi-precious or precious stones for a splash of colour..



Earrings: Organic Geometry 



'Go for small studs if the earrings are sparkly or plain silver when they have volume ..'


As you have enough glitter on your bronze, unless you aim for an evening appearance, try to keep your accessories to a minimal by wearing a simple pair of silver earrings or/and a necklace..Pull the look with our Swirls collection.. 



Earrings: Twists & Swirls



The trick here is to pick a formula that looks moist (that's sexy), but not superglossy.. That will make you look elegant and chic. Select a sleek necklace or small earrings in order to add something extra to the look without taking the attention away from your lips..

'A woman cannot be expected to wear red lipstick and eat with joie de vivre and not check her jewelry.. D.V.D'


Beauty, glamour, and luxury come with ones choices on things that can make us beautiful..From the right red to the perfect jewelry..




Earrings: Lava Flows cold




We all know what a vibrant pink glow evokes. What we don't all know is how to duplicate one believably: First, brighten skin all over with a slightly shimmery foundation—you can make it yourself by adding a few drops of liquid bronzer to your normal base. Then rub rosy cream blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend it back along your cheekbones.. Last but not least, add the right shade of crystals to accessorise the look..

'Keep the colour to of your jewelry to a minimum, but add some sparkle with Swarovski crystals.. '

The paler the shades of your jewelry, the better match to pinkish tones of make-up.
Get the look with our Daily Dots collection in mint and white alabaster Swarovski crystals.




Earrings: Playful Drops Mint



Kristen Stewart's laid-back attitude toward fame and fashion has made her somewhat of a red-carpet rebel, with a beauty look to match. 


Embrace your inner rockstar, with jewelry in dark tones that are sophisticate not grungy..'


Silver and black enamel in jewelry, are the perfect match to dark looks with a posh aura.. Get the look with our Skyline collection.




Earrings: Skyscraper Shadows



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