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Posted on 10 February 2017



How to gift jewelry on Valentine's day | blingsense


Let us play Cupid this Valentine's Day, with romantic gift suggestions that will make your other half smile.

If you’re believe flowers and chocolates are way to predictable, or you want to add something extra into the mix, we have a range of jewelry suggestions, that she’ll absolutely adore!

'All you need is love.. but a little jewelry never hurt anybody!'

Find the perfect gift depending on her preferences and discover the accessory that she won't take off of her!  

Go on and spoil her!


Rings can be quite tricky.. If you’re not ready to get engaged but feel committed to her with an engagement ring, consider one with semi-precious coloured gemstones that expresses your commitment to her, in the most fashionable way..

'Semi-precious gemstones and Swarovski crystals, can make her bling, as they give an aura of luxury..'

Our rings come in beautiful boxes, and are ready tor gifting!

            How to gift jewelry on Valentine's day | blingsense                                        

Top: Lunarscape Light      Left:  Gem Ring     Right: Ocean Riptide




Necklaces, are an excellent choice for almost any Valentine’s Day situation. If she’s long overdue for a really special Valentine’s Day gift, a pendant with heart decorations, that she’ll be able to wear it with any outfit at any time, or a unique silver necklace in the colour of love, is the perfect choice!

'Necklaces are the only jewelry that is worn close to the heart..'

Explore stunning sterling silver necklaces and yellow gold pendants crafted from sterling silver and choose the ones that express her style.

How to gift jewelry on Valentine's day | blingsense

Left: Heart Scrolls   Top: Lava Drops Hot   



If a ring is out of the question, then gifting her with a beautiful cuff bracelet in yellow gold, or decorated with Swarovski crystals, is another way to show her you plan to be around for a while.. 

'Beautifully handcrafted bracelets, bring love to life
this Valentine's Day.'

Choose the one that represents your other half the most! If she is a fan of shinny things, a cuff covered with Swarovski crystals, would become her favourite. If she is a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, then a modern cuff is all she needs to top up her casual look.

How to gift jewelry on Valentine's day | blingsense                                     

Left: Minerva's Edge        Top: Sand Stripes      Right: Knus cuff




Earrings come in all shorts of shapes and materials...How will you know which ones to get?

"Hearts come in many shapes.., so do earrings."

Studs are ideal for women that invest a lot on their office wardrobe (How to wear jewelry at the office) or have short hair and they always emphasise the area around their necks. Hoop and dangle earrings on the other hand, are better suited for women with long hair, or women that are conscious of their night out look.


How to gift jewelry on Valentine's day | blingsense                                 

Left: Summer Breeze White    Middle: Athena's Spear    Right: Lava Flows Cold




Choose beautiful sets, which she will love or indulge her this Valentine's day. Discover the blingsense collections, and gift her our fabulous jewelry gift sets.

You mix and match, an interesting cuff with a ring or a pendant and a ring. Up to you and your partner's preferences..

'Mix and match cuffs, rings and pendants to create a look for your most unforgettable moments...'

For now and forever, handcrafted jewelry designs will last forever and will be there to remind the eternal love



How to gift jewelry on Valentine's day | blingsense                                                      

Bracelet: Filigree Scrolls      Ring: Silver Twists      Ring: Geogems    Pendant: Precious Amorphous     


Gift Card


Can't you make up your mind on what to get her?

Let her decide! A gift card is the perfect present for a woman that knows what she wants! There various options available to spend as she sees fit!



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