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Posted on 14 October 2016

The perfect Jewelry to wear
to an interview

Now that you've got the interview shorted, we'll help you figure out what to wear and how to accessorise your look with the right jewelry!

Fashions come and fashions go, but style remains, and, for both formal and informal interviews, there are a few hard and fast rules. Whatever you do, you want to look polished.

Of course, when it comes to your outfit, that choice can depend on your type of job and the rules of the workplace. If you are already working there you know better what the approve and disapprove. If not, we'll try to be pretty broad!

Some generic rules for all the following looks are: 
Avoid statement jewellery pieces
Keep the balance in rest of accessories
Quality over quantity




Suit (left): Parosh, (middle) Anne Klein, (right) Boss
Jewelry: Moon Gems earrings, Silver Rainbow Brooch, Lava Drops pendant

Suits never go out of fashion! The most appropriate variant to wear an elegant pair, is to an interview. Women are unique creatures who can easily transform even the coarsest thing into lovely and lady-like. They successfully borrowed from men’s clothes but with the right accessories you can take it to another level! All you need is delicate earrings and a classic watch. You may think it is too boring, but you have a huge option among earrings – small hoops, edgy ear jackets or small semi-cirle! And a watch is always a good accessory for an office look. You can also wear a delicate brooch. It will add a fashionable French touch to your outfit. 

If you prefer a V neckline or a completely covered blouse, you can beautify it with the luxurious necklace. It could be an elegant pendant. The rest of jewellery should be kept in minimalistic style or be avoided at all. 




Dress: (left) Nordstrom, (middle) CeCe, (right) 
Jewelry: Ocean Reflections Ring, The Sol pendant, Lava Falls earrings

The focus should be on you, not on what you’re wearing; unless of course you’re interviewing for a job in the fashion industry, then it doesn’t hurt to show a little bit of your unique style. Even if you’re interviewing for a position in a more creative field, wearing one or two carefully chosen pieces of jewelry is recommended. It is all down to the nature of the dress..Answer the following questions and find the perfect match!

Is the neckline close to the throat or a v-neck?
If yes and your dress is long-sleeved, then a pair of dazzling earring like the Lava Falls are ideal. However, if the sleeves are tight, then wear a cuff over the sleeves for an elegant touch.
If not, then take advantage of your arms with a bracelet like the Eruption..

Is it V-neck or U-shape?
If the dress has a V-neck, then a pendant necklace like the Knus pendant is more suitable.
If the dress has a U-shape neck, then a necklace like the Sparkling Light is more suitable.

Will you have your hair up or down;
If you prefer your hair up or you have short hair, bring the attention to you with a pair of dangle earrings like the Lava Falls.
If you prefer them down, then focus on a nice necklace or bracelet and match it with a delicate ring, like the Ocean Reflections.





Trousers: (left) Catherine Malandrino, (middle) Lush Tie ,(right)  Red Valentino / Jewelry: Earth&Moon ring, Celestial Orbs earrings, Volcano earrings

You have the choice of trousers or skirt. In both cases patterns should be avoided. They can be very distractive. Going for a plain blouse with ruffles or a collar bow is the safest option for the other half of the outfit. If you go for a long-sleeve top or shirt, then a pair of minimal earrings, like the Volcano earrings, would look polished. Studs — gold, silver, or diamond — and even small diameter hoops are a good accent. Big hoops and dangling earrings could distract someone from what you’re saying. If your top is sleeveless, then you can wear a single bangle along with your watch on one hand or a stand up ring, like the Earth&Moon.



The rule with a skirt is that the hemline should be no more than one biro length above the knee. You can't go far wrong with black, but navy, brown or cream are also perfectly fine. The style depends on your age and the nature of the job. A-lines are more suitable for high end positions, while playful ones are ideal for creative spirits..


Skirt: Ted Baker, Outfit: Ted Baker, Top: River Island, Skirt: River Island
Jewelry:  Eruption bracelet, Gem ring, Planets in Orbit necklace

If you have a ring you want to wear, avoid anything big and flashy. The Gem ring, can add some subtle colour to your outfit. Same rule appeals to necklaces and bracelets. Keep them to a minimum, by wearing one stand alone classy piece. We love the Eraption bracelet  for work attires. It is the first time that you'll hear that from us, but avoid layering too! If your top is quite plain, white usually brings honest messages to an interview, then decorate it with a necklace of wearable architecture, like the Planets in Orbit.



Whatever you decide to wear, start with a fairly safe, uncomplicated canvas and add the jewelry at the end to add a touch of your own personality with well-chosen pieces.
Go get
that jewelry to accompany your outfit, and make a extra additional superb impression not only with your CV but also your style!!!

Are you looking for further inspo? Check our tips for going into autumn with style!




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