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Posted on 11 November 2016

The perfect jewelry.. to wear on a first date


The perfect jewelry to wear on the first date | blingtalks

Most of us spend hours planning the perfect outfit, just to make sure we look our best on that special moment.
When it comes to dressing up, we have to make sure that we’re wearing something that highlights our best assets and hides away our flaws... Accessorising our outfit with an interesting piece of jewelry makes our look more interesting and can give the right impression about our personality, and our taste!  But we have to make sure we’re wearing it the right way or we may end up looking awkward or even trashy.

The earrings, necklace or bracelet you’re wearing should only be worn to accentuate your look. But if it’s beginning to look out of place, your beauty might get lost in the glitter and glamour of your jewelry pieces. Don’t distract your date with your accessories but try to keep it simple and elegant instead.

If you’re going for a formal date, classic and conventional jewelry like a pearl necklace or a gold thin strand necklace is still a fool proof choice. But if your date invites you to a casual night, you can be a little adventurous by wearing statement bracelets and hoop earrings. No matter what, remember one of the most popular fashion rules: dress according to the occasion.

If you’re going for a date and you are tired of wearing you’re little black dress, look feminine by jeweling up your jeans or a sexy playsuit! Not only you’ll look cool, but also you’ll feel comfortable all night long

Whether you wish to look sexy, laid back, simple, or glamorous, we will keep you stylish with a bit of personality and some sparkle from blingsense!  

Keep on reading for our 5 date outfit ideas perfect for your effortless look on a date night...


Add some personality to your little black dress 

Look at your dress before deciding on what kind of jewelry to wear. If your dress has too much detail at the top, a simple pair of hoop earrings and a matching ring, might be enough. But if you want to glam it up, wear a statement necklace then keep the rest of your accessories at a minimum. Remember to look for balance and to create a focal point instead of wearing too much jewelry. 


The perfect jewelry to wear on a first date | blingtalks

Black Dress: Badgley Mischka

Earrings: Celestial Orbs

Rings: Earth & Moon


Go monochrome

Monochromatic may sometimes seem as dull and boring, but it’s actually a timeless way of looking elegant and fashionable. Go for a color palette that looks perfect on your skin tone whether you belong to a cool or warm category. A monochromatic outfit doesn’t mean wearing the same shade of gray or white head-to-toe!


The perfect jewelry to wear on a first date | blingtalks


Strapless Jumpsuit: Adelyn Rye

Earrings: Venus Kiss

Cuff: Minerva's Edge


Play with colors to give some playful vibe to your date night

Colors typically affect one’s mood so go for ones that give some positive impression on you. Pastel shades, bright colors, as well as feminine shades, are great for playful and bubbly personalities. Look modern and effortless with jewelry that are different and flattering. Bright colors go well with silver accessories. If the stones of the silver jewelry, are matching your look, thats even better!!


The perfect jewelry to wear on a first date | blingtalks


Jumpsuit: Nordstrom

Earrings: Moon Gems

Ring: Gem Ring


Matching Accessories

Matching the style of your dress with your accessories is a must. However, matching everything you’re wearing from head to toe, might cause to end up looking plain and boring. Go for variety and make sure the way you’re wearing your jewelry matches your personality.. fun, interesting and unique!!!


The perfect jewelry to wear on a first date | blingtalks

Dress: Dessy

Earrings: Summer Breeze (Aqua)

Ring: Ocean Riptide


Wear your casual jeans with chic neutral tops

Black jeans, especially the super skinny ones, are perfect for a casual chic date outfit. So, dress them up with chic neutral tops that look feminine and elegant! You may go for a v-neck blouse with moderate plunge that looks feminine, and top your outfit with a a nice pair of earrings. An off-shoulder blouse, chiffon button-down shirt, cut-out top, and even a tube top can be great as long as you avoid a necklace and drag the attention down to your wrist, with a cuff bracelet.


The perfect jewelry to wear on a first date Silver-Lava | blingtalks


Jeans: ASOS

Bracelet: Eruption (cold)

Earrings: Lava Falls (black)


Spice your outfit with statement jewelry 

If you’re a fan of a tank top and jeans combination, then simply go for statement jewelry to dress up your outfit. For a date that call for sparkle and glamor, choose a movie-star-worthy, necklace and metallic shoes that will catch his attention!


The perfect jewelry to wear on a first date | blingtalks

Jumpsuit: Nordstrom

Necklace: Hera

Wearing matching accessories is too ordinary and outdated. Look at your jewelry collection and try to mix and match different pieces for more fashionable look.  




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