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Posted on 12 August 2016

There are beads, there are crystals, and then there's Swarovski…

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Sometimes..beneath our minimalist selfs, jeans-wearing exterior beats the glitter-loving heart of a true crystal lover! We dig sparkle, we crave shine.. Like most of the women out there! Nothing can make us happier than the shine of a Swarovski! They are chic and out of  grown-up princesses dreams.. The pieces that you can hold and love forever! Luckily, bling lovers like us can tap into them at blingsense.
With their virtually limitless application possibilities, crystal elements are one of today’s most exciting, versatile and attractive means for transforming fashion, home and lifestyle accessories into one-of-a-kind sparkling personality pieces.
Created via a centuries-old Bohemian tradition, you can't beat the luxurious sparkle of Swarovski elements.


Why Swarovski?

Soldering, Plating and Stone Setting..

Soldering Swarovski Cupchains is a simple and straightforward method of creating modern jewelry and accessories. Swarovski is the premium brand for the finest crystal elements. For more than 100 years, the company has been recognised for its pioneering spirit, its collaborations with designers, and its responsible behaviour.



Swarovski’s unique X-Cut technology is based on scientific principles developed by the Gemological Institute of America for grading diamonds. Advanced optical measurement and high-precision manufacturing deliver premium cuts characterised by the interplay of multilayered surfaces and angles, with XILION and XIRIUS as the most prominent examples. This ‘science of geometry’ raises crystals’ brightness, fire, and scintillation to an unmatched level of brilliance.


Hotfix Glue

Swarovski’s revolutionary Hotfix technology offers a flexible and durable way to apply crystals. The glue’s broad activation window, beginning at already low temperatures, makes it possible for customers to align the application time and temperature in a way that is appropriate to their specific requirements. Hotfix’s suitability for all textiles commonly used in the industry means that it is ideal for a vast array of clothing, interiors, and accessories. Its adhesive strength and washability make it the preferred choice of international brands and designers.


Platinum Pro

Using its vast research and technological capability, Swarovski has set a new standard in the lifespan of crystals with its new advanced Platinum Pro foiling technique. Platinum Pro is not only resistant to environmental damage from chlorine, salt water, and perfume – it can also withstand processes such as soldering and electroplating, giving it unprecedented durability.


Crystals – Made in Austria

Austria has become synonymous with quality. With a highly skilled workforce, supported by fair working conditions in accord with the high environmental standards, it has built a reputation for technical expertise, precision engineering, and reliability. Originally, it was the country’s natural abundance of water that prompted Daniel Swarovski, in 1895, to establish his company in Wattens, high in the Austrian Alps. It was here that sustainable hydroelectric power could be used to drive his machinery – and his vision. Swarovski continues to invest in the future, leading this culture of innovation, sustainability, and respect for individual wellbeing that underpins Austria’s success.

In the making..

Swarovski jewelry making_techniques_blingtalks

Soldering, Plating and Stone Setting..

Soldering Swarovski Cupchains is a simple and straightforward method of creating modern jewelry and accessories.


Swarovski crystals can be glued to wide range of materials in a variety of application areas..

Hotfix Application

Swarovski offers a range of crystal components with Hotfix glue, which are applied using heat.

Sewing, Embroidery and Hand Application

Swarovski has a wide range of crystal components that are ideal for sewing onto fabric.

Mechanical Application

Many crystal components can be applied mechanically. These include Snap Fasteners, Jeans Buttons, Rivets, Pins and Crystal Studs.


The following products are suitable for each of the above categories:


Swarovski Tips | blingtalks 

Jewelry design software

Leading software manufacturers offer special programs with three-dimensional display possibilities for the design of jewelry and accessories. These 3D-design programs feature a whole range of functions that simplify and support the design process and therefore also the entire production process. Special software solutions that have integrated a range of digitally processed Swarovski crystals in their programs are already available ( These can be simply and quickly integrated into any design, thus allowing the designer to work with Swarovski crystals right from the beginning of the design phase.

Bling is back exclusively at blingsense!

Our designers draw inspiration from the season’s hottest crystals!

Designer Edition: Crystal Pleasures

SAND SPARKLES - Brown in crystals

Sand Sparkles by Crystal Pleasures| blingsenseSubtler than their icy cousins but certainly no less beautiful, cinnamon-hued stones are popping up everywhere right now, especially paired with gold. We adore the combination. It creates a tone-on-tone effect that's so flattering especially in personal pieces like rings. It's a new neutral, something that you can wear day or night. The collection was inspired by the shapes and the colors of the sand when it interacts with the water, the air and the light of the sun. The material used is the Swarovski Crystal Mesh in a combination of Light Colorado Topaz and Smoked Topaz and Golden Shadow creating a crystal collection of one-of-a-kind designs: the Sand Stripes, the Sand Spheres, the Sand Crystals, the Sparkly Crescent, the Sparkling Light, the Sparkle, the Sand Globe and the Sand Ripples!


DAILY DOTS - For the colourful..

Daily Dots by Crystal Pleasures | blingsense

Give new depth to your introductions and express yourself in full colour with our five different swarovski shades...This collection is a hymn to the inner power of nature. From the serene sensation exuded by the turquoise waters of an exotic beach to the wild power of the endless ocean, Daily Dots plays with contrasts. A series of unique color tones capture different aspects of the same element and captivate its beauty. Discover the Playful Drops, Ocean Shades, Heavenly Gems, Summer Breeze, Ocean Dots, Ocean Riptide and Ocean Reflections, exclusively at blingsense, and make your jewelry as unique as you!




They are blingy enough for us, and they even look great with jeans!!

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