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Posted on 17 March 2017


 Milan-Fashion-Week-F-2017 | blingsense

In Milan Fashion week, designers seemed actively engaged with current events and a world in crisis. Prada conjured her radical ’60s and ’70s past, and Angela Missoni staged a Women’s March complete with house zigzag pink pussy hats, while Moschino, had a think about waste in the fashion industry and in life in general, then spun an engaging collection that left us considering it, too.

'Stacks of rings, long colourful earrings, interesting cuffs and street-style pendants, are the jewelry trends spotted on the runways of Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017-2018.'

Scroll down for highlights from the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week autumn/winter 2017, including Dolce & Gabbana’s celebrity catwalkers, Missoni’s pussy hats protest, Versace’s new power bling, and Giorgio Armani’s colour expedition!



D&G at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 | blingsense

Ever mindful of the Instagram crowd and the millennials, Dolce & Gabbana had celebrities, socialites, influencers-turned front row regulars, to model their clothes. The collection itself was inspired by the “New Renaissance” and relied on the label’s signature extravagance...

'Think robust embellishment, leopard print, jacquard, blooming floral prints and black and silver as the main jewelry theme'

The jewelry, were consist of layered up necklaces and matching earrings in the gold, silver and black to enhance the goth-chic looks, accompanied with vamp make up.


Earrings: Skyscraper Shadows
Pendant: Skyline View




Missoni at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 | blingsense

 It isn’t just the cool kids of New York and  London Fashion Weeks who are feeling inspired by eastern Europe right now. M Missoni’s design team is looking to the region, too.. Missoni continue exploring last season’s slightly “off” colors, like mustard, olive, and chocolate brown. There were folkloric floral prints and some cute knitwear. The pleated knit dresses here were a standout, updated with ribbons of alternating jacquard patterns and sweet ruffles at the shoulders.

'Missoni's collection is designed for the contemporary women who rise the challenges of modern life.'


 The result? A colour and pattern explosion. What kind of jewelry can make such an outfit complete? Colourful Swarovski crystals of course! Find them in our Daily Dots collection..




Bracelets: Heavenly Gems   



'Colour is an expressive gesture, jewelry too..'


Red, black and oversized jewelry is what worth taking on from Armani's runway show. Read our guide on how to wear oversized jewelry on a daily basis and discover black and red enamel pieces in our Silver Lava collection.




Earrings (right): Lava Falls Hot

Earrings (left): Lava Falls Cold



Versace at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 | blingsense

The show begun in what appears to be a darkened Chinese temple, and immediately exploded with a kind of sinuous, street-strutting, late-’70s disco intensity. But taken as a whole, the collection effects what amounts to a mashup of multiple eras — late-’60s, ’70 and ’80s — and, almost as an afterthought, layers on an inspired cold fusion of East and West.

'Mod-styled color-blocks channel a modern pan-Asian palette accompanied with exceptional and colourful earrings.'


There was a distinctly streetwear feel to Versace, notably in the cropped puffer jackets and slogan tops and beanie hats, along with a midi-length skirt with an thigh revealing split and killer heels completed the look. The signature Versace cocktail dress appeared in metallic chainmail, embroidered tulle and crystal encrusted tulle. Among the jewelry that stood out on Versace's show, were the 70s-style hoops.




Earrings: Celestial Orbs dark




Moscino at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 | blingsense

Jeremy Scott took his usual tongue-in-cheek look at being wrapped up in fashion by making clothes that looked like the cardboard packaging and bubble wrap your online shopping orders arrive in, with “fragile” and “this way up” prints. Bin-bag evening gowns and a Moschino carrier bag reimagined as a skirt suit followed. 

The show opened with the triple threat of the now single-named new supers: Kendall, Gigi and Bella in looks involving packing tape, “Fragile” belts and a camel-colored pea coat stamped, “This side up.”

'Street jewelry and gold overdose for Moscino '

Accessories were standouts, too, particularly bejeweled shoes fastened with bright ribbons and velvet bags. The delicate beaded cocktail dresses were topped with seashell necklaces; and bold branded oversized earrings.





Earrings: Venus Kiss 



Gucci at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 | blingsense

 Gucci kicked off Milan fashion week with an eclectic collection. 
The Alchemist’s Garden collection took place under a perspex walkway, to create an “anti-modern laboratory”. The 120 eclectic historic looks (menswear and womenswear together), with rich luxe prints and embroidery, included flower prints from the Gucci archives to butterflies and 17th and 18th chinoiserie.

Oh, and logo t-shirts..Michele was looking for someone to save the world?
After all, the show invitation was an album titled..


'What Are We Going to do with All This Future?'

The answer, perhaps, lies in the romance of the past; Gold jewelry meticulously crafted, stick-on pearls, triangular silhouettes and hand cuff embellishments create new rules of stylish dressing. 



Cuff: Minerva's Edge




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