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Posted on 28 October 2016

S/S 2017

Event Coverage

With Paris Fashion Week closing off the fashion weeks globally.. NY, London, Milan, it is apparent that this is the season of change – from new creative directors and new bases, to the rising stars and show-stopping shake-ups.
Get your head around what the fashion crowd is talking about this season, below..

Our PFW Notables

Paris Fashion Week S/S 2017 Luis Vuitton | blingtalks

Paris Fashion Week S/S 2017 Luis Vuitton | blingtalksLuis Vuitton's
 ideal Parisienne had subtext of sci-fi that a striking contrast with its backdrop the raw space of the new Vuitton superstore in Place Vendome, a work in very visible progress.

Throughout the collection, there was a subtext of sci-fi, particularly with the finale gowns, rivers of crystal and laser-glued sparkles that looked like spacey static.

There was also something inescapably 80s in the shoulder line, in the Miyake-ish black leather body, in  glittering crystals and the over-dyed, scarf-pointed hemlines which, much as they’ve been seen everywhere this season. 

Tube bracelets and yellow gold chokers, stood out of the crowd.
They are indeed stunning and work well with this season's sweaters and evening dresses.


Paris Fashion Weeks S/S 2017 Balmain | blingtalks

Paris Fashion Weeks S/S 2017 Balmain | blingtalksBalmain

It’s a label breaking out of its golden shell, a metaphor that applied to the clothes that Rousteing paraded through the Hôtel Potocki.

 Chirping birds. A verdant jungle canopy hanging amongst the chandeliers above a lacquered, moss-coloured runway. 

In place of those embellished exoskeletons was a collection languid with movement, opening in ensembles of luxurious jersey and lurex knits falling in pointed cape shapes and bound around the waist with soft ties or suede belts. Snakeskin jacquards were paired with long trenches and  kimono tops, before a sparkling finale of gowns..

That signature safari palette felt richer, with gold jewelry enhancing them!
Gold earrings and bold edgy chokers, were present on this show too. Here at blingsense, we are very font of choker and the history behind them.



Paris Fashion Week S/S 2017 Kenzo | blingtalks

Paris Fashion Week S/S 2017 KKenzo | blingtalks


Humberto Leon and Carol Lim staged this season's Kenzo show in a wonderful Parisian museum that's slightly off the beaten track, The Cité de l'Architecture. 

The show was full of gothic and classic pieces, contrasty living sculptures that gave a club-like vibe to the set. Think Area, or Limelight, back in the 80s…
As per the clothes? They were decidedly club-like, as the main inspiration was the Studio 54 in the 70s. We spotted glossy dresses and glamorous abandon as depicted on sporty clothes, producing an interesting effect
The disco earrings got our attention as they made the whole outfit look glamorous.. Swarovski crystals, can give earrings that sparkly effect you're seeking for!




Paris Fashion Week S/S 2017 Chanel | blingtalks

Paris Fashion Week S/S 2017 Chanel |blingtalksChanel

has already pushed fabric technology to the limit, but, here, the designer’s celebration of all things digital was the collection’s raison d’être.

“Intimate Technology.”

Karl Lagerfeld pronounced those words with great relish!  In practice, they could be taken to mean the cyber-tweeds layered over pale, filmy lingerie, worlds colliding in a way that Lagerfeld has always loved.

The show took place against the Chanel Data Centre, a gigantic simulation of one of those facilities you imagine buried deep in the heartland of the USA or Russia, where every call, every purchase, every download that anyone makes is processed and stored.

Karl Lagerfeld has seen the future and it’s very pink!!

Especially for the statement necklaces..



Alexander McQueen
The show took place in a location made for a McQueen story: rugged, primal nature, pagan past and centuries of arcane handcrafts..

Burton cut it into long gossamer dresses, embroidered with ancient Celtic symbols, like the Tree of the Life and the Spirit of the Wave.
Other dresses artfully interwove the lace with Fair Isle knits, which were also patchworked on their own into an impressive sweater dress.
The artful technique was dipicted on the leather jackets here, exquisitely hand-painted and embroidered. 
That sweet cotton dress was haltered in studded black leather. And the finale was a sensational swirl of netting, strands of jet beading, waves of silver sequins, culminating in a huge froth of tulle, like seafoam. In Celtic legend, it was mermaids who protected the Shetlands. 
 The jewels were there, massive, gothic, bold!
If you dare to be extravagant and puss off the limits of fashion, wear the “darkest” pieces of jewelry from blingsense all together! Bold chokers were the key piece here too. Get yours in time!

Paris Fashion Week S/S 2017 Emporio Armani | blingtalks 

Paris fashion Week S/S 2017 Emporio Armani | blingtalksEmporio Armani
"My collections always start with colours and evolve like a journey," said Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski after the Hermès show.
"Sensuality, on the other end, is always intentional, not accidental," she added.
t. That involved her selection of colors — faded hues with a tactile intensity that progressed from violet to black and then exploded in bright accents — as well as her lines.
The nipped waists had an effortless ease that created a feminine silhouette without the goings getting too constrictive.
Classicism and timelessness were still very much present — the Bakelite hoops in red were show stoppers! Red is a hot trend, even in the jewelry industry..


Paris Fashion Week S/S 2017 YSL | blingtalks

Paris Fashion Week S/S 2017 YSL | blingtalksSAINT LAURENT
The show opened with a leather dress with bulky mini-sleeves bulky. Despite the moderation in the palette, the collection was uber sexy. Vikkarello presented a collection that was seductive, and classic.

Boyfriends jeans, combined with leather corsages and velvet bustier dresses, tuxedos agains naked skin, lace and transparent outfits.. The collection was also attended by voluminous black leather jackets, pants 7/8 length, t-shirts with removable sleeves and waist belts.

We picked out the large earrings, up to the shoulder, and the red and green earrings tassels.The collection was like the night sky through the black darkness and infinity. Luxury black suits changed outfits and refluent gold in jewelry added the extra point. Find the right pieces for a gothic glamour look, in our Sand Sparkles collection.
Paris Fashion Week S/S 2017 Lanvin | blingtalks

Paris Fashion Week S/S 2017 Lanvin | blingtalksA smoky female voice intoned passages from India Song by French novelist Marguerite Duras: “La vie se consume.”

 Jarrar is a romantic. She said her collection was for “women who love, and women who love to be loved.” And women who love to spend a lot of time in their boudoirs, by the looks of a collection that specialised in the sheer, the filmy, the floaty.

Feathers, for starters. Jarrar loved birds in her own collection. She loved them again here. Julia Nobis’s bolero, with a froth of ostrich and a flurry of ruche-ed tulle, was a vivid echo of the past. A couple of cropped leather jackets were also classic Jarrar. And the monochrome emphasis of the show was another reminder. It was spectacular in a column of black duchesse, outlined in ivory.

In her own work, that rigour reflected a sensual masculine/feminine dynamic.
Feminine jewelry can  balace out nicely an androgynous look.
 If his women had loved, they'd also lost. It's a cold world outside the boudoir.







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