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Posted on 07 October 2016

IJL Trend Report:
S/S 2017
The essential themes that will shape the jewelry industry

Following the first part of IJL in which we shared with you trend-driven catwalk shows, on this part we’ll focus on the current trend inspirations that the emerging jewelry designers showcased during the International Jewellery London exhibition (IJL) last month.
As always, blingtalks has you covered..

We discovered the themes that will shape the worlds of art and design in the spring and summer of 2017. 




Bringing a new discovery from Kenya to the show - an amazing sapphire with a golden brown, bronze sheen. These sapphires are a new discovery. Rare and completely untreated.

Gemstones at the show included aquamarine, ametrine, green tourmaline, moonstone, morganite, as well as a choice of emeralds, rubies and sapphires. 

Inspired by the want for something new, the new designs continue to prove the modern resilience of pearls as they encompass the classic stone in a modern, easy-to-wear design.

Irregular or included, ethical, super-faceted, rough cuts, coloured diamonds, lab-created gems, colour enhanced gems. Agate, tigers’ eye, Amethyst, smoky quartz, pearls, Padparadscha sapphire and citrine.

At blingsense, semi precious stones and Swarovski crystals were used to create a sparkly finish and were embedded into gorgeous plain silver and gold plating.

Following the latest trends on multicolour gems, our Moonbow ring, is handcrafted in sterling silver that shines through the bright colors of the semi-precious stones (Blue Τopaz, Yellow Citrine, Red Ruby).





Pictured here: After a competitive public vote, International Jewellery London is excited to announce that Marina Skia has been named the eighth annual People’s Choice Award winner.


Real-world objects and environments take on a surreal, dream-like appearance, often with lots of layering and hints of organic forms... 

Fusing cut crystals, modern orbs and dynamic geometric forms, are the new classics for the modern woman. 

If we had to pick one, that would be the “ from he Greek designer Marina Skia. collection with solid gold paying tribute.

At blingsense, wearability and luxury combined with edgy and sleek shapes is the main theme someone will spot straight away, like the stunning Bolge Choker.





Joanna Bury specialises in contemporary ‘statement’ jewellery pieces formed in materials such as sand-blasted glass-like acrylic and precious metals. She uses lace like textures and uses the body as a blank canvas; sometimes the body is used to form the jewellery designs and sometimes the body is used to contradict the form.

The world of design is responding to consumer desire for stylish sustainability. From up-scaled natural finds to must-have objects made from re-cycled materials, doing the right thing has never looked so good.

During the event we spotted delicate shapes and swirling tendrils crafted in silver and 18ct gold, diamonds have been used at key points to emphasise the sculptural aspects of the pieces.

Natural materials in new contexts, mixed media, re-cycled materials, Fairtrade gold, patinated surfaces, composites, titanium, PVD coatings.

At Lava collection, sterling silver is used along with textured metal enamel in black and red shades. The Volcano earrings, are handcrafted in sterling silver that shines through the bright colors of the semi-precious stones (Blue Τopaz, Yellow Citrine, Red Ruby).





Unveiling at IJL Kickstart is Vicky’s début collection FLIGHT. She captures the transient moment birds take voyage. Employing a traditional page-setting method, the minute of take-off is alluded to through the use of perspective localised angles, whereby the birds are only revealed from certain angles. 

Fine selections were inspired by the beauty and movement of shouting stars as well as unicorns and swifts..Delicate, romantic and wistful..were .. collections had the nature as the main source of inspiration. Organic forms found in the natural world, such as circles, flowers and leaves, give a simple purity and elegance.

In addition, the new season is embracing playful patterns and animal motifs. 

Inspired by wild animals and vibrant tribal patterns, elephants, hippos, rhinos, gorillas combined with patterns from African textiles adorned with sparkling orange and blue sapphires. 

The Solar System collection, is inspired by the constant move of the universe. Planets in orbit, satellites and stars in a perpetual motion keep forming different shapes in our galaxy.




Mirka Janekova's ‘White Collection’ is inspired by the colour white, surrealism and the deep sea. She has researched expressive possibilities of connecting glass and metals together and  tested wide range of precious metals like silver and gold and base metals such as aluminium or copper. Each metal reacted with glass differently – some metals created interesting colour change at the point where they meet with glass, some stayed inert.


Although jewelry in general, have architectural inspirations at their core, the key to translating it successfully into fresh jewelry designs is to understand that things have moved one from mathematical rigidity to something altogether more dynamic.

Clustering and layering, tonal palettes, ombré effects, inverted gemstones, cutouts, micro-mosaic, engraving, milgrain, oxidisation, antiqued surfaces.laser cutting, guilloché enamel, 3D printing, laser engraving along with stone carvings..

With the last one, both ranges of the surface of the silver are textured, not smooth, to recreate the ancient look and feel if rough rock and the intricate peck-marks made by our ancestors. 

In Greek Allure collection most items are made using the repousse-chasing technique where the design is embossed on pitch, a traditional process that dates back to the Bronze Age and is applied up to now to create contemporary designs.




Lucas Mitchell's debut collection named ‘Colours’ is a demonstration of his innovative and playful style. With inspiration drawn from life’s surroundings providing its on unique array of colours.


Red, green and blue, black, burnt orange; deep yellow, candy and saturated hues, metallics (yellow, white and rose), oxidised surfaces as well as iridescent finishes, smoky tones, turquoise, gold, greens...

The Sand Sparkles collection by Crystal Pleasures, was inspired by the shapes and the colors of the sand when it interacts with the water, the air and the light of the sun. The Sand Stripes cuff, is set with Swarovski Crystal Mesh in stripes of Golden Shadow alternating Smoked Topaz and Light Colorado Topaz. 






Addalit focuses on limited edition pieces and offers its customers a demi bespoke service, which allows the client to personalise any of Addalit’s designs.

As a source of inspiration, this trend is the perfect vehicle to create jewellery which taps into the consumer’s all-important desire for personalisation and story-telling.

Its all about the unique experience, that customers are seeking from the jewelry designers. .

At blingsense we are aiming to provide something wholly unique whilst covering the needs of the modern woman that knows what she wants.

Our Sol and Buer pendants, we interlink the chains, so you can order the length that you prefer. 



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