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Posted on 27 January 2017



How to wear jewelry with your knitwear | blingsense 

With the coldest days of the year knocking on our dour, knits are our best friends at that moment.. 

We always think that they are too casual when paired with jeans.. Isn't that right?
But how can we wear knitwear in a way that not only keeps us warm, but also stylish?? We bet this is in your mind too... 

'Step up your winter accessorising game by pairing your beloved knitwear with the right jewelry.'

Fashion knitwears come in all shorts of shapes and colors, from turtle necks to loose oversized ones.. Hence, each of them should be treated differently, in terms of accessorising.

If you’re looking for a new way to wear your favourite winter warmer, keep scrolling through the page and discover how well known street style stars are styling their knits..


Fashion bloggers are big on the oversized knits by dressing theirs up with pleated skirts or leather pants, or by layering a crisp, collared shirt underneath. 

'To win over a comfort-conscious look, stack multiple rings up and let your knitwear hanging loose..'

Don't wear small studs or pendants with this look, as they will probably get lost among the knits.. However, an equally oversized necklace with a band long enough to clear the cowl will hold up to the big knit! Have a look at our post on "Is oversized jewelry for everyday?" for useful tips..

How to wear jewelry with your knitwear | blingsense                                                     

Ring: Ocean Riptide Mint     




Oh, we love these ones, don't we??? 

They are comfortable and super-cozy and the biggest trend at the moment! 

The best accessory for chunky jumpers are the long earrings and beautiful cuffs. For the latest, stacking creates a nice look even when done in both hands.'

Mix chunky knitted jackets with multiple bracelets for a fresher way to your weekend wardrobe. 

Cuff: Knus Cuff bracelet



A staple for easy, throw-on style and warmth, with January, February and March set to be as wintry as ever, it’s certainly still worth investing in flute knits. Fluted sleeves are definitely a go! How can you jewel up this trend though?

"Flutes give you the ability to play around with interesting rings as they drag the attention to the lower part of your arms. Mix and match Chevalier rings or a big statement one."



Ring: Earth&Moon dark          Ring: Manhattan Snapshots      




Despite the fact that your neck is covered, turtlenecks give you the canvas you need for a statement oversized necklace or a pendant if it's narrow and fitted..

Otherwise, a pair of studs or small delicate earrings are enough! Don't go for hoop or long earrings as will make your neck look shorter..

"We love how Olivia Palermo paired an open choker with a long pendant! Very interesting and unique.."

It is easy to get the look as you can choose the desired length of our Sol and Buer blingsense pendant.


Pendant: The Sol pendant                           Choker: Knus Choker     




There is only one way to pull-off a V-Neck sweater..and that is the right jewelry!

'Take advantage of that dip in your neckline by complimenting it with a delicate charm necklace !'

A great idea is to pair a v-neck knit with a metallic pleated skirt and a matching set of jewelry for the ultimate office look


                                                            How to wear your jewelry with knitwear | blingsense

Pendant: Heart Scrolls                             Bracelet: Filigree Scrolls                    



And that is how we're going to wear our knits the following months!
Have fun with yours:)



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