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Posted on 14 April 2017


How to wear jewelry with a little black dress | blingsense


The Little Black Dress, is a versatile piece that every woman should own..
Almost universally flattering, incredibly versatile, and timeless, the black dress is an essential part of every woman's wardrobe. 

Is it enough though for a perfect look?

'Unless you aim for a plain look, jewelry are vital for the little black dress!'

Because of its versatility, the little black dress can see you through a casual day-look to a party outfit or formal gala. It all comes down to the jewelry..You can use accessories to alter the style and formality level, which is why it's very important to give your jewelry selection the thought it deserves.

There are a few things to consider when picking jewelry. Hairstyle is one of them (Check our post on 'How to mach your hairstyle with the right jewelry'). Follow our advice to figure out what jewelry will look better on your little black dress:)



    V-shaped necklines look great with pendant necklaces, but especially the ones with short chains and elegant details..

    'This neckline looks good with either your hair up or down and unique small pendant.'

    For a day-look you can choose silver or dark tones, like the black patina or our Skyline collection, while for the evening you can add some elegance with Swarovski crystals..



    Pendant: Skyline View
    Earrings: Manhattan Snapshots




    A simple u-neckline allows the most flexibility, making it possible to wear necklaces of almost any length. The only style that won't look good with this neckline is a choker.


    'Complete the look with a ring from the same jewelry collection.'


    For a halter dress, like Leighton Meester's, the hair should definitely be up, to let a pair of hoop earrings to hug the look nicely.



    Earrings: Celestial Orbs Dark



    Strapless dresses often look best with short necklaces like chokers

    'If you go for a minimal necklace, you can also add a matching bracelet to complete the look.' 

    Strapless dresses can also be worn on daily basis during summer months. The best jewelry to pair them, is long earrings with a boho attitude, like the Venus Kiss earrings.


    Necklace: Hera




    Normally, long-sleeve dresses look great with chandelier earrings or or a gemstone fashion ring.. or you can take advantage of your arms and wear a cuff on top of the sleeve, only if the sleeves are tight! 

    'For casual occasions, you'll need to dress it down with a long bohemian pendant'


    For a formal look, you can pile on sparkly bracelets for a little extra jingly flair, or if your shoulders are uncovered, follow the style guru, Olivia Palermo, and add a fashionable choker..

    Pendant: Knus Choker



    As the one-sleeve black dress is super sexy and dynamic, take the attention out of your chest with a pair of sparkly earrings, or a big ring.


    'One-sleeve dresses, are only for formal occasions, hence famine jewelry should look the part!'


      Jennifer Garner looks stunning in her one-sleeve dress, with a pair of dangling Swarovski earrings



    Earrings: Playful Drops Mint


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