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Posted on 24 March 2017


How to wear jewelry like a Parisian | blingsense 

 This fashion month finishes beautifully in Paris with heterogeneous runways and stunning street-style heroes. 


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o dress like a French, is the timeless and ultimate sartorial goal. 

 So how do you do it? We broke it down to a few easy tips with the help of Paris street style standouts from Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017. .


'The main takeaways: stick to neutrals, embrace flats, and when all else fails, channel your unique jewelry! '

Paris Fashion Week was majorly inspiring this year, and you we aren't already excited for fall, these looks might just change your mind. Effortlessly chic by nature, nonchalantly elegant in approach, French women know how to pair their jewelry with their outfits.. Take a look at the best street style, spotted at Paris Fashion Week Autumn 2017!



Bracelet: Heavenly Gems

On the note of simplicity, stick to earthy tones and colour palettes. French women are laid back, but not boring, and their confidence shines through without having to wear loud hues that desperately scream for attention. 

'The best way to enhance a monochrome outfit is by sparkly yet elegant jewelry.'

The monochrome trend that has been on since two seasons. Match colours so close from another yet subtly different is a masterpiece. Like white and creme..You can even play around with different texture. The best way to enhance a monochrome outfit is by sparkly yet elegant jewelry, like a Swarovski bracelet, a brooch or pair of earrings.




Earrings: Lava Falls Cold   

Just because their style rules are simple doesn't mean that French women are afraid to take a risk. Tackle blazers, trousers, suits and co-ords for a classic, tailored look. We also like the romantic vibe of those looks in between the “titi parisienne” and the Dior lady, that contrasts with the former minimalism of Raf Simons.

'Even the most classic suit can be made modern with some clever jewelry '

We love the classic French Beret hat and a pair of dangling earrings. A statement piece of jewelry over an androgynous look,  puts a playful spin on the traditional style. And to be a true French, well, you need a beret don’t you?





Earrings: Celestial Orbs Dark


As seen in Dior.. Workwear looking shapes cut in high end worn with sexy heels and tights. 

'Mix all that jazz with elegant yet interesting jewelry'


Hoop earrings were definitely our favourite with this look. They are great for an evening look with a bit of an edge..




Choker: Bolge


Gold and chunky! We want to pair these collars with an off-duty t-shirt or with a hoodie and jeans look immediately edgy!

'This season, there is a 70's art school sensibility to fuzzy chokers'

With little unnecessary fuss, yet still special, chokers are fast becoming one of fashion’s firm favourites.





Pendant: The Sol Pendant


Clothing that's too form-fitting or structured has no place in the French woman's wardrobe. Part bohemian, part bourgeois and with a little rock ’n’ roll rebellion. Give your style a carefree touch by sticking to relaxed fits without looking too baggy. 


'A gold or silver pendant is the most versatile piece of jewelry in the book.

The perfect accessory for a relaxed louse outfit is a pendant or multiple layered ones. A gold or silver pendant is the most versatile piece of jewelry in the book. It looks great with an open shirt, a t-shirt, paired with a jacket and a hat.

Which of the above tips do you think you'll follow? 

        Give us your answers on the comment section below..                



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