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Posted on 20 January 2017



How to wear jewelry at the office | blingsense 

Oh well.. here comes the alarm again... Get up and get ready for work!
Oh, wait a minute? You haven't decided what you're going to wear yet?
What about the accessories? Did we hear you saying you don't have time to match them with your outfit? 

Don't worry.. we all face the same problem same time every day..

'Either we don't have the right type of jewelry or we don't know how to wear them in order to be suitable for work.'

Here we come to help you out to pick the right jewelry for any type of office wear and give you some visual answers to the question, 'How to wear jewelry at the office?'.

Do you think you can be the lady at the office that all the woman employees are jealous of? Keep getting compliments about your outfit and your jewelry and the confidence boost you need for that meeting by following the simple rules below.. 




Do you want to look smart yet chic? You can define your style, based on how you wear your jewelry.

'A white shirt and jeans can look completely different depending on your choice of necklace.'

For an open-button shirt, consider a delicate necklace or an interesting choker (Have a look at our post on 'The history of the Choker'), while for a button-up shirt, a beautiful pair of earrings can add some elegance.


The perfect jewelry to wear at the office | blingsense


Choker: Knus choker                                  Necklace: Lava Drops black                             Earrings: Moon Gems       




The best jewelry for a super formal look!

'Who said that suits can't hold jewelry?
They are serious enough not to be pretty up with a little feminism..'

Whatever the color of the suit is, silver always works as a plain canvas. Gold can sometimes be too much for workwear..

As most of your body is covered up, an elegant pair of earrings or a middle ring is all you need.

If you are looking for the perfect look for an interview, whether you are the interviewer or the interviewee, have a look at 'The best jewelry to wear to an interview' for further inspiration..

How to wear jewelry at the office | blingsense



Necklace: Sleek Swirls                           Bracelet: Eruption black                          Bracelet: Delicate Swirls    




So, you are in this position that you have to be smartly dressed but not to formal. Well, a shirt and a cardi always works well even with a pair of jeans underneath. The restriction is that you don't have enough to play with...
If you’re a woman working in a profession that requires a business suit each day, you might wonder how you can let your personality shine amidst all that humdrum gray and black apparel...

'You can make 5 suits into 20 outfits with the right combination of accessories!'

As the only uncovered parts are your ears and fingers, an interesting ring is all you need to break up the look. Why not matching a colourful brooch with a plain cardi???


The perfect jewelry to wear at the office | blingsense


Ring: Geogems                                            Brooch: Silver Rainbow                                       Ring: Silver Twists      




Whether it’s a black dress or a tweed jacket and trousers and a grey knit, or a wow-factor black jumpsuit, match it with a distracting statement piece. Get the look of the models below, with a pair of hoop earrings in black or a bracelet in matching tones.


'Whether is a black dress or a grey knit, match it with a wow-factor piece of jewelry to complement the look!'



The perfect jewelry to wear at the office | blingsense                                                              

Bracelet: New York Skyscape                           Earrings: Celestial Orbs dark                        EarringsLava Falls cold




Whilst heels, midis and tailoring suits enhance your sophistication to your wardrobe, channelling your inner boss lady isn’t always the most comfortable of endeavours. The least thing you want between morning commute and endless meetings, is to feel uncomfortable.

'You can always spice up a comfy look with the right jewelry!'  

A great idea is to either pick a few small pieces, like a ring, earrings, and a watch or to pick one big piece, like a very chunky necklace (or several necklaces for a layered effect). Play around with jewelry pieces that are easy to match and can make your day!

 You'll find our post on "Is oversized jewelry for everyday?" quite useful!

The perfect jewelry to wear at the office | blingsense



Pendant: Buer pendant                               Ring: Forms of Nature                         Necklace: Skyline Shilouette       




It wasn't that difficult, was it? Just don’t overdo it with too many different pieces. Keep it elegant and sleek with statement rings, earrings or a nice brooch on your cardi. The more unique and interesting, the better. Discover our exclusive collections for your ideal piece of jewelry that will elevate your office wear!

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