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Posted on 03 February 2017



How to wear jewelry when wearing colourful clothes | blingsense


When you put together an outfit, colour is the most important part of your entire wardrobe. Yes, jewelry too.. ! However, how can the two of them be put together in order to create an awesome look???

No worries, we're going to focus on how to wear jewelry with the hottest trend of the season.  Head-to-toe colour!

Most jewelry does not require coordination, but if you really want to success, you must be pickier with your jewelry and the accessories you choose.

'The most flattering colour..isn't black,
if you use your accessories wisely!'

Primary colours are Red, Blue and Yellow which is the foundation of any colour, hence we'll make a start with those, and the rest will follow..



If you want to adopt the colour block trend, green is the must-have colour for your clothes and your accessories... Make a start with a green office dress or a woollen coat and pick an elegant pair of earrings and a ring to complete the look.

'Gold balances the coolness of green and adds warmth to it, while silver revitalises its freshness..'

Ruby, sapphire, emerald, citrine and amethyst gemstones have a distinguished flavor and appeal that can be easily added to your style and look. These tones look best next to cool colors such as greens. Have a look at our guide on precious and semi-precious gemstones.

            How to wear jewelry when wearing colourful clothes | blingsense                                        

Earrings: Organic Geometry       Ring:  Geogems  




The hottest retro choice, comes straight from the 70s with boho clothing and the right sexappeal  and sets the base for women independency, from social interactions to fashion choices..

Mustard and yellow tones look equally nice with gold-ish or silver jewelry, but the best way to break up a monotone look is to add some sparkle!

'Wear Swarovski crystals with mustard tones, as they can give an elegant but not too flashy look .'

Pair a knitted chunky jacket (How to wear jewelry with your knitwear) with multiple bracelets and rings and your girlfriends won't stop complementing the look!  

How to wear jewelry when wearing colourful clothes | blingsense

Bracelet: Sand Ripples    Ring: Sand Globe    Bag: Diane von Furstenberg



The colour of passion, highlights an intellectual version of a woman’s personality this winter. Don’t hesitate to let it into your wardrobe and your jewelry box.. Who ever takes the risk, wins!

"Both red and gold colours exude a warm tone and have a natural and attractive look to them when paired together, making this duo a popular match"

In case you haven't noticed, red loves company — golden jewelry and a belt is a super-easy way to add even more to your look.  Pair the  Venus Kiss  earrings with a sexy cuff and you're ready for the Valentine's day..


How to wear jewelry with colourful cclothes | blingsense                                     

Earrings: Venus Kiss         Cuff: Minerva's Edge      Shoes: MyTheresa     Bag: Lulu Guinness




Juicy and an orange juice! This colour, will make your day and your attitude! Just add it it in your wardrobe and your life...

It's a huge trend for spring, but it can be equally stylish for winter, when paired with grey jeans, an orange coat and gold jewelry..

"Bright orange looks fab, with the perk power
of yellow gold jewelry."

As your winter wardrobe, doesn't let you reveal much, a pair of earrings and a matching ring, work ..


How to wear jewelry with colourful cclothes | blingsense                                  

Earrings: Swing     Ring: Sol ring     Shoes: Valentino     Bag: DKNY     Coat: Trouva




Purple hasn’t been to the center of attention for year, apart from the make-up industry.. It suit blonds and brunettes alike and is a plus when paired with the right jewelry.

You can go head-to-toe if you mix different shades and vary the fabrics..

'Silver jewelry looks nice against the cold hues of purple..
Add some colourful gemstones to spice things up..'

A great idea is to pair a v-neck knit with a metallic pleated skirt and a matching set of jewelry for the ultimate office look



How to wear jewelry when wearing colourful clothes | blingsense                                                       

Earrings: Moon Gems      Ring: Gem Ring      Skirt: Chicwish     Shoes: Jimmy Choo      Sweater: Jil Sanders     Bag: Roger Vivier



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